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Message by The Accounting & Business Program Chair

Dear Colleagues,

From storms to exams, the end of this semester has been very hectic. Please accept my apologies for not sending this letter sooner. I hope everyone had a safe trip home from the Accounting & Business Conference.

First, thank you for participating in the Accounting & Business Conference. You, our keynote speaker, the open forum on "Theory vs. Practice", the conference center staff, the conference venue staff, all contributed to the success! Of course we could not have a good conference without the golf, the tennis, and of course, the weather!

I hope you are making plans to attend the next Conference. Please share this opportunity with colleagues you know around the country that would benefit from this conference. Also, encourage business people in your area to attend, cooperatively seeking improvements of theory and practice.

As you develop your academic year, make plans for your students to participate in the next Conference, instilling that sense of inquiry. If you had a chance to attend any of the student sessions, you can see that the next generation of scholars is in good hands. The Accounting & Business Conference students added their name to the long legion of ABC Scholars.

The accounts for this Conference will soon close. Thank you for your patience during the last couple of weeks. If you need a receipt or a form, please contact me if your school requires any other additional information to qualify their records.

Finally, I want to thank Dr. Amedzro St-Hilaire, for his service as President of the Accounting & Business Conference. Dr. Elena McMullen will serve as President next year. Thank you to our sponsor journals for publishing the conference papers, to our partners for their support as well as to the Australia Government.

Trust me, if you enjoyed your week of work at the Conference, you will really like a week of doing absolutely nothing the next summer at Canberra! I encourage you to return with your family and enjoy this wonderful resort!

Once again, thank you for participating in the Accounting & Business Conference. I look forward to seeing at the forcoming Conference!

My Best,
Dr. Pamela Andersen
Chairman, Accounting & Business Conference